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Structured Cabling Solutions



Structured Cabling Solutions

Even while phone and internet technologies have drastically changed since K.C. Phone and Network Systems first began in 1986, the concept of professionally organized and structured cabling hasn’t changed much. Our cabling technicians are certified for fiber optic cable, cat5, and cat6 data cabling. We are also certified for installation of voice, paging, security and surveillance system wiring and network cabling infrastructure. Our vast experience in structured cabling solutions include practically all data, voice, audio, and video driven technologies. We are available to install these systems locally in Phoenix, across the state of Arizona, as well as nationwide.
Our Approach for Network Cabling Services
Structured cabling is much more than a fancy label for organized cable systems for us. We believe heavily in going the extra mile for our customers, and that includes finishing a project with a very precise and clean, professionally structured product. Having your data cabling properly structured and organized not only looks great, but it is important for long-term as future technicians and vendors for third party applications install their products and services for you. Each individual cable is tested, labeled, and grouped properly from endpoint to origin. Our terminations are precise and have a professional appearance that is orderly and flows very well. There is nothing more frustrating as technicians when we walk into a data center or network closet and there are cables that are unorganized, unlabeled, and literally everywhere. In the long run, it costs the client money when other companies are sloppy with their work because future projects require having excess time chasing down and tracing where each cable is running.
Data Center Cabling
Out of all technologies and systems you will use in your business, your data center is the lifeblood of your business. When your data center is functioning well, your business is running smoothly. Should your data center fail, you are in a real bind. There are many systematic issues that can interfere with your data center, but if you have a great cabling infrastructure for it in place, it makes the troubleshooting process that much faster. The bottom line is that a properly optimized and organized data center should be at the top of your list in terms of prioritizing networking equipment internally.
Fiber Optic Cable
Whether you are needing to generate large amounts of internal bandwidth or simply have a much more efficient backbone cabling infrastructure, our cabling technicians are highly trained to install a fiber optic cable solution for your business. We have experience in both outdoor aerial fiber optic cable installation as well as underground cabling installation. Fiber optic cabling is becoming more affordable for businesses of all sizes and provides the technology necessary to interface efficiently with the bandwidth you are receiving from your internet service provider, regardless of how high the speed is.
Cabling Installation and Maintenance
Most of our business clients that use K.C. Phone and Network Systems as their network cabling contractor desires more long-term solutions. As businesses expand, they require more endpoints for new employees as well as relocations of existing endpoints as they optimize their office space for efficiency. We offer contracts for repair, maintenance, and reduced rates on adds, moves, and changes for customers that desire more of a long-term managed solution. For more information, contact our offices in Phoenix, Arizona toll free at (877) 400-8440 to speak to an agent about scheduling a free consultation.
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