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The Power of Measured Results for Your Company

There has never been a better time in history for small and medium business owners to measure results with advanced analytics. The same is the case in the voice and data communications industry where data can be constructed in a way that provides project managers and executive leadership measurable results from inbound and outbound call traffic. Commonly referred to as call accounting, businesses can now discover the gaps that are in their communication in real-time. Whether it is long wait times, uninformed agents, or just consistent dropped traffic, companies can expose and eventually correct issues that call accounting exposes.
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Taking Call Centers in Phoenix, Arizona to the Next Level

K.C. Phone and Networking Systems is taking call centers in Phoenix, Arizona to the next level. We offer advanced call center technology solutions that are designed to improve customer service and increase productivity. Our cutting-edge phone systems provide reliable voice quality, high-speed data transfers, and a wide range of features that enable customers to manage their calls more efficiently. Our networking solutions provide secure and reliable connections to the cloud, allowing businesses to easily access data from any location. We also offer custom-tailored packages designed to meet each business’s unique requirements. With our technology, call centers in Phoenix, Arizona can enjoy improved customer satisfaction, enhanced efficiency, and increased profitability.

Better Exposure Leading to Higher Performance

With more companies scaling up to an official call center integration in-house, Xima Software’s Chronicall provides instant analysis of performance, even allowing measurable results hour by hour so that improvement can be made. Due to its measured results, it is one of the few elements that provide business owners and corporate executives a direct return on their technology investment. Not only does it expose gaps in communication for customers, it also allows project managers to track the performance and results of customer service and sales agents.

Highly Flexible, Very Affordable

In recent history, the significant problem with other call accounting software platforms is that while it has been able to collect extremely useful information, it fails in the sorting and rearranging category. With well over 40 vibrant report types, charts, and graphs, the most important data can be pulled and printed off in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, business owners are not charged for every report that is ran. These reports can also be viewed or saved in many standard formats, allowing for flexibility and compatibility for businesses.

Two Industry Titans in One Solution – Avaya IP Office and Xima Software’s Chronicall

Xima Software’s technology partnership with Avaya allows authorized business partners of Avaya, like K.C. Phone and Network Systems, to sell and implement Chronicall. Chronicall perfectly integrates with Avaya IP Office as a robust call history and reporting platform. Its features are designed to outperform traditional call accounting and reporting software as it provides more detail and more accurate information due to its direct connection to the phone system. From the moment a call is initiated until the moment the call is completely terminated, Chronicall measures every second. Every call can be expanded even to the exact details of the ring, talking, queue time, hold time, and transfers. It also accounts for conference call information, the agents that were involved via login, the hunt groups associated with the call, as well as any external properties involved along the way. All of this data can also be searched within the Chronicall database for the customer and rearranged for exported data.


Your business can’t wait to create higher production levels, improve turnaround times, and save money.

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