Our desire is for every business to be as protected and secure as possible.  For most companies, quality surveillance is no longer optional or perceived as a luxury; it has become a necessity.  We offer consulting for businesses to discover what custom surveillance infrastructure is best for you and to have the most critical areas well covered with high definition video surveillance.  Our consultation includes a walk through in your facilities to gauge the proper amount of surveillance features necessary for each individual camera.

Monitoring Your Assets with High Definition Surveillance Cameras

At K.C. Phone and Network Systems, we want to ensure that each area that contains assets including employees, equipment, and anything of value is receiving the proper attention with an optimized business surveillance setup.  While some business owners put their assets at risk by choosing a cheap residential out-of-the-box solution off the shelf, we educate business owners on the importance of having a commercial grade surveillance solution with each camera specifically chosen for each room.  Whether you need to cover a small office area or a large outdoor area, there are specific cameras for each task.

Security Surveillance System on the Go

While having recordings of your surveillance system is important, our solutions offer enhanced features including the ability to login via mobile phone or tablet to watch your cameras live.  Whether you need to monitor employees’ productivity while you’re away from the office, or simply want to check on the premises late at night, you now have that functionality at your fingertips.  This is another reason why having the right camera for the right environment is crucial, as it is difficult to see details in some environments with cameras designed for small rooms in a home.

Great For All Environments

Our business surveillance solutions are great for all environments due to each camera being selected for the appropriate area.  We offer night-vision based cameras that make it convenient for night vision and long range surveillance solutions that are convenient for large warehouses and outdoor areas.  Our surveillance systems can be wired, wireless, or a hybrid of both.  Our DVR and surveillance recording infrastructure offers a large amount of storage so that you can pull from recent archives with the click of a button.  For a free consultation on how our commercial grade business video surveillance systems can make a difference for your business, call our Phoenix, Arizona office toll free at (877) 400-8440.