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Cloud VoIP For Businesses




When it comes to mobility, versatility, and the flexibility to handle aggressive growth, not many systems rival the Cloud. Cloud VoIP technology becoming more and more popular for businesses as they carry a low cost of ownership while providing long-term efficiency. At K.C. Phone and Network Systems, we host and manage Cloud systems, both cloud based VoIP and cloud based PBX, for industries and companies of all sizes and environments. Moreover, our highly trained and experienced experts are here to bring your employees and company into this next generation technology infrastructure for ultimate collaboration and productivity enhancement.
No More Boundaries
No matter the size of your business, cloud based VoIP technology provides incredible flexibility that is completely reshaping how corporations and small businesses collaborate. The ability to connect to an associate in Chicago from Phoenix without ever leaving your private network gives companies a boundless communications infrastructure without the price tag shock. In fact, cloud based telephony is taking over the commercial voice industry due to the fact that it includes such features and yet is extremely competitive on price and return on investment.
Collaborating in the Cloud with VoIP
K.C. Phones and Network Systems is combining the technology offered by Avaya with its own professional networking services and capabilities to provide a next-generation business phone system for your business. With the choice of private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions, companies can benefit from this managed solution. A cloud based business phone system from our company takes the features and benefits of a digital phone system to the next level with added benefits and capabilities.
Creativity and Innovation in the Same Cloud
With the massive transitioning that is happening for corporations moving from the desktop to the tablet, cloud based VoIP is arriving at the perfect time. In a marketplace where social media, video collaboration, and other digital age mediums are becoming the norm, it is important that businesses follow suit. It is costly both now and in the future for companies to ignore these trends, as they are more than just temporary fads. Major Fortune 500 companies across the nation are replacing desktops with tablets and changing their service infrastructure in order to be much more mobile-friendly. Simply put: if you’re not joining the cloud, you’re going to get rained on.
Cloud Based Business Phone Systems
One of the more intriguing technology advancements over the last couple of years is the talk of virtualization and the cloud. What at one time was a significant cost for enterprise-only level infrastructure has no become a significant cost-effective and technology efficient way of handling your communications infrastructure. Companies of all sizes are now exploring options on moving their most vital communication peripherals to private cloud servers. Unlike traditional communication necessities such as servers being a heavy upfront cost, cloud based VoIP services are flexible and are great for growing businesses who at times experience steady growth or perhaps seasonal spikes. Furthermore, it immediately expands the capabilities of remote collaboration. With a cloud based phone system, agents can be given the ability to call from anywhere that an internet connection exists from the company phone number or extension. To learn more, visit our cloud-based VoIP page or contact an agent at K.C. Phone and Network Systems immediately.
At KC Phone and Network Systems, we are proud to offer our clients the latest and most reliable technology solutions to improve all of their communication, which is why we are excited to have GoTo platform as part of our product offerings. GoTo is a leading provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration software, it offers a suite of products that include video conferencing, webinars, messaging, and more. With over 18 million users worldwide and counting, GoTo has established itself as a leader in the industry and is trusted by businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Our integration of the GoTo platform into our Cloud VoIP further expands our commitment to providing our clients with the most robust and reliable communication solutions available.
Your business can’t wait to create higher production levels, improve turnaround times, and save money.

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