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Avaya Cloud Office

 All In One App, On Any Device, In Any Location.
Avaya Cloud Office


For centuries, the human race has continued to strive towards more effective means of communication. In the 21st century, the methods of communication have experienced a multitude of revolutions. It wasn’t all that long ago when companies were only focused on making sure they were maximizing the number of phone calls they could receive through a telephone. Today, technology has evolved to the point of multi-tasking and fully immersive experience for both internal and external communications.

The hottest trend in technology in recent years has been “the cloud.” Even now, many don’t quite understand the concept of it, but they certainly benefit and take advantage of the technology more than they might realize. But there is more. Meet “Cloud Office”.

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Advantages of Cloud Office:

K.C. Phone and Network Systems is partnered with two of the largest and advanced manufacturers and providers in the cloud communication industry.

One Number Does it All

Voice, Fax, Texting, and Instant Messaging All Come to Your Single Number. It is easy to manage, easy to control, and just makes things easier. Get it?

Integrated Meetings

Finally cut the cord, so to speak, on a multitude of services that are overhead. Enjoy unlimited audio and video conferencing with up to 500 participants with video conferencing or 1,000 participants with audio conferencing.

Integrations that Make Sense

Cutting edge companies that use vendors like Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Slack, Trello, Skype, and others can now be fully integrated with their communications infrastructure – wow!

Secure, Reliable Communications

Security, reliability, and coverage are the three crucial factors in any successful communication infrastructure. Cloud Office was engineered with these components at the core.


Work from any location on any device from one app.

Analytics and Oversight

Advanced call management system and analytics provide the reports and custom dashboards you need to measure KPIs such as utilization, missed calls, time to answer, refused calls, meeting frequency, system Quality of Service (QoS), and much more.

With over 100 ready-to-use business integrations out of the box and many more integrations in development, your professionals will have everything they need in one platform.

Transforming Unified Communications

A Monumental Partnership Between Two Innovative Communication Leaders

Recently, Avaya and RingCentral, two of the largest communication manufacturers and service providers in the business communication realm, announced their partnership on the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral project, which launched in March 2020. As a certified business partner with both companies, this strategic partnership has allowed K.C. Phone & Network Systems to bring the best of both worlds for its customers. The technology is considered Unified Communications as a Software (UCaaS for the gurus out there), which has been driven by a number of important factors. Nearly 65% of organizations are officially using “cloud” services, with most organizations utilizing meetings and collaboration tools based in the cloud.
The primary reasons for this transition have been cost savings, better scalability, more features, remote worker support, and the rapid delivery of new features. Imagine this: with technology rapidly evolving and new features and capabilities being released to serve companies better, the cloud allows your office to synchronized with that technology with new updates. With traditional technology before, a service provider would have to make a service call to your facilities, install new features and updates, reboot your entire system, and test to make sure you were ready to go. How many other companies needed these same features? Instead of being in the queue among hundreds of others with the same demands, you can now benefit from new features faster than ever before.

Overview of Avaya Cloud Office

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The Avaya Experience

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Your business can’t wait to create higher production levels, improve turnaround times, and save money.

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