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While K.C. Phone and Network Systems provides industry leading business communication technology services, the foundation of a solid communications infrastructure begins and ends with high quality business phone and internet service. In fact, it is so important that we want to ensure you’re receiving the best service for the package you need while not overpaying for it. As a third party consultant and a vendor of multiple business phone and internet service providers in the Phoenix Arizona area, we can give you the best advice without the sales pitch. If you are in other parts of Arizona or nationwide, we are still here to be sure that your business is receiving optimal services from your local internet and phone service provider.

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Business Phone Service
While business internet service is quite clear on technical specifications, business phone service packages are quite complex depending on what you are needing. What was once a standard business landline phone service has now grown and expanded into more sophisticated technologies such as SIP Trunking, VoIP phone services, PRIs and digital trunk services, among others. Discovering the best business phone service in Phoenix, Arizona and nationwide calling plans can be quite exhausting without having a professional with you to bridge the knowledge gap and eliminate the sales pitch that is drawing you into a contract with details you are unaware of. Allow K.C. Phone and Network Systems to assist you to obtain the best VoIP phone service for small business and corporations like.
Business internet Service
Internet access plays a critical role in a company’s ability to communicate both externally and internally. More importantly, your access to local service providers is important to us because it is the medium in which you interface with the technology we install for your business. That is why we have made significant broadband provider partnerships with industry leads like Cox, and Century Link so that we are able to ensure your business has the right optimization for your needs. The business partnerships between K.C. Phone and Network Systems and these local service providers grant our customers access to a variety of internet plans, products, and services at a reduced rate. Don’t leave it up to the salesperson that says they can get you the best deal: run it through a professional third party that knows what you should be paying for business internet services.
VoIP Phone Services and Cloud Technology
A new landscape of service providers is hitting the marketplace in a big way. Nationwide and international VoIP phone service providers give companies the flexibility they need when communicating from long distance without having to go through multiple providers in several states and cities. We are here to help you decide between local service providers and nationwide VoIP phone service providers to ensure you are getting the highest quality VoIP business phone service.
The Best Consulting for Business Phone and Internet Packages
As already mentioned, K.C. Phone and Network Systems provides professional third party consultation with your best interest in mind. While our focus is on offering industry leading technology and infrastructure internally, we realize that our technology’s potential is dependent on the quality of service you are receiving from your business phone and internet service provider. We have helped hundreds of clients discover wasted expenses on their recurring monthly invoices. We have also assisted customers in negotiating contracts that were simple to us but quite complex for the typical business owner. Don’t feel alone: allow the business communication professionals at K.C. Phone and Network Systems to give you the consulting you require.
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